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Graphpad Molarity Calculators logo

Molarity Calculators (QuickCalcs) is a web application (no installation required) that helps to dilute a stock solution or to calculate molarity from mass and volume, mass from volume and concentration, volume from mass and concentration.

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Convert-me logo

Online conversions (e.g. metric conversions) for many measurement systems. Conversion tables are provided for both common (U.S., metric, etc.) and quite exotic units like Ancient Greek and Roman. You can also ask your questions and discuss how to convert units on our Units Conversion Forum.

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Mole/Gram Converters logo
Mole/Gram Converters allows: convert between moles and grams, GraphPad

Mole/Gram Converters (QuickCalcs) converts between moles and grams

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Expasy Translate logo

Expasy Translate is a web application (no installation required) which allows the translation of a nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequence to a protein sequence.

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Chemical and radiochemical calculators logo

Chemical and radiochemical calculators (QuickCalcs) offers radioactivity calculators. Moreover it create and dilute molar solutions, convert between moles and grams and calculate EC(anything) from EC50.

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Buffer Solutions logo

Buffer solutions for pH control

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Wolfram Alpha logo
computational knowledge engine
Wolfram Alpha allows: calculate, convert

Wolfram Alpha offers a variety of calculators and converters for many topics: mathematics, statistics, medicine, chemistry, weather, dates, geography, life sciences, etc.

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BMI calculator logo
Calculate Your Body Mass Index
BMI calculator allows: Medical

BMI calculator calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI), from NHLBI

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Reverse Translation logo

This tool from Colorado State University allows to enter a protein sequence and obtain its reverse translation for use in design of degenerate oligonucleotides.

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Digital Dutch logo

Multiuse converter for units on: Angle, Area, Bits, Density, Electric, Energy, Focrce, Fuel, Length, Mass, Power, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Time, Volume

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FootRule logo
FootRule allows: convert

FootRule allows you to convert an infinity of units.

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Conversioni Online logo

This site is constituted by a series of on-line converter that they allow the conversion of the unit of measure between the metric and Anglo-Saxon system (Italian, English, French, Spanish).

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OnlineConversion logo

Convert just about anything to anything else: Length, Temperature, Speed, Volume, Weight, Cooking, Area, Fuel Economy, Currency..............

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an online tool that allows to calculate the molar mass of a chemical compound

MOLAR MASS CALCULATOR is an online tool that allows to calculate the molar mass of chemical compounds.

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Scientific calculator logo

Description not available.

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ABSI calculator logo
calculate body shape Index

The web site calculates the body shape index (ABSI). A body shape index that, by quantifying abdominal adiposity relative to BMI and height, is thought to be a better predictor of mortality than BMI (see Krakauer & Krakauer, PLoS ONE 7, e39504, 2012; Ahima & Lazar, Science 341:856, 2013).

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Good Calculators logo

This website provides a variety of online calculators, such as math and physics, financial, statistics, engineering and conversion calculators

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ppm  Converter logo

This converter calculates the measured value in units of [ppm] into units of [mg/m3] and visa versa.

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ACalculator.com logo
infinite calculations, infinite solutions

Acalculator offers free mathematical calculators that will help you to perform complex and time-consuming calculations easily and quickly.

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Currency Converter logo

Perform currency and foreign exchange calculations using live, mid-market rates.

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