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Mouse dissection logo

The site presents a photographic tour across laboratory mouse organs.

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Rat Dissection (Jit Sin Express) logo

Rat Dissection (Jit Sin Express) provides photographic anatomy of a laboratory rat.

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NonNeoplastic lesion Atlas logo
Subcategories: Rodents , Histology , NTP

This website from the US National Toxicology Program presents microscopic images of rodent organs and non-neoplastic lesions. The atlas is organized by organ system and is subdivided into chapters, each covering a single organ. Each chapter comprises a set of sections, each describing a single lesion. Each section includes histopathologic descriptions, high-quality images, diagnostic guideline recommendations, and references (Environmental Health Perspectives 122:A76, March 2014).

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The Rat Guide logo

Although addressed to pet rats, this web site is filled up with behavioural, physiological and health issues that can be of help to researchers working with laboratory rats.

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3Rs- Reduction logo

This site provides an interactive short course on experimental design for research scientists working with laboratory animals. The aim is to reduce the number of animals which are used, improve the quality of the science and save time, money and other scientific resources.

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