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OligoAnalyzer logo

OligoAnalyzer is a web application from IDT that provides the opportunity to analyze hairpin and self-dimer of existing primers this site. Moreover this site allows you to BLAST the sequence against NCBI's database and measure the impact of incorporating 5'-modifications into the sequence. The oligos can then be ordered directly.

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Oligo Calc logo

Oligo Calc is a free online calculator to obtain properties of single stranded and double stranded DNA or RNA sequences. OligoCalc provides a user friendly web interface for calculating the physical properties of oligonucelotides. These properties include oligonucleotide melting temperature, sequence molecular weight, %GC content of the entered sequence and absorbance coefficients.

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Oligo Analysis Tool logo

Oligo Analysis Tool calculates molecular weight (MW), extinction coefficient (E260), pmoles/µg, pmoles/OD and µg/OD. Also displayed for your convenience are the % GC Content, melting temp (TM),the reverse complement of the oligo sequence you enter, and show primer-dimer sets

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